A text-based user interface for a screen-based platform

A Terminal in your pocket (or on your desk)

The power of command line instructions, on your favorite device.

Control your files

Create directories, move files, compress them, uncompress them, edit them, run python, lua or Tex on your files, move them to other apps.

Edit your files inside the App

a-Shell comes with Vim included. You can edit your files and even run syntax checkers using e.g. vim-lsp or ALE. Or, if you're more old-school, there is also Ed.


a-Shell is compatible with Apple Shortcuts. Script your favorite commands, transfer files to other apps, typeset files, download files...

Plays well with others

a-Shell uses iOS file sharing ability. You can open directories in other app sandbox with pickFolder and run TeX or Python there. You can send the result in a third app. You can also edit files directly in a-Shell.

Multiple shell windows

a-Shell uses iOS 13 multi-window ability. Edit your files in one window, process them in another, transfer them in a third...

Program on your iPad (or your iPhone)

a-Shell comes with several programming languages: Lua, Python, JavaScript, C and C++. Edit your programs and run them inside the app.

Run your C and C++ files (yes, really)

clang/clang++ compiles your C/C++ files to webAssembly with wasi included. Execute the resulting files using 'wasm command'. You can also compile to webAssembly elsewhere and bring the files to your iPad.

Install more packages

Use 'pip install' to add more Python packages (if they are pure Python). Download pre-compiled webAssembly commands.

Available on TestFlight

a-Shell is available on TestFlight.


a-Shell is entirely OpenSource, and released under the FreeBSD license.

Suggestion box

Need more commands? Found a bug? Want to suggest a feature? Open an issue.