A standalone Jupyter notebooks implementation for iOS.

Run Jupyter notebooks anywhere

The power of Jupyter notebooks. In your pocket. Anywhere.

Standalone implementation

Everything runs on your device. No need to setup a server, no need for an internet connection.

All included

Standard packages like Numpy, Matplotlib, Sympy and Pandas are already installed. You're ready to edit notebooks.

Full directory access

Get access to an entire directory, for notebooks that link to external data, or write to files.

Extended keyboard

You get an extended toolbar with basic actions on your keyboard.

Install more packages

Add more Python packages with %pip (if they are pure Python).

Available on TestFlight

Get the latest version on TestFlight.


Carnets is entirely OpenSource, and released under the FreeBSD license.

Suggestion box

Need more packages? Found a bug? Want to suggest a feature? Open an issue.